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25 Mar -

Breakdown Cover for Your Daily Life

Commuting is an ordinary part of the day for many workers. While some people are fortunate enough to live in a location where there is excellent public transportation or near enough to their employment place to walk to work, that simply is not true for everyone.

The Mechanical Challenge

Automobile owners are aware that a good maintenance regimen will help keep their vehicles running. But even the best care will not always catch those small problems that can quickly become large problems if they are not noticed and fixed. A fraying belt, a battery that is becoming low on water, a pin-prick leak in a water hose – those can all bring your vehicle and your trip to work or even back home to a complete halt.

Someone to Call

If you know a good mechanic with a towing truck, you could keep him on speed-dial. On any normal day, however, he and his tow truck driver are probably very busy. Even if he hastened to you right away, It might be an hour before he reaches you, another hour back to the shop and then who knows how long until your vehicle is repaired. You have lost time, lost pay, and if it happens often enough, perhaps even a lost job.

The Better Way

A better solution is breakdown cover such as that provided by the RAC. This is an insurance that has a fleet of roadside assistance vehicles. Each driver is a trained mechanic who is assigned to an area. You call the home office; the home office contacts help in your area. A van full of spare parts and a guy who knows what to do with them are shortly at your location. Often, you can be on your way in under twenty minutes, which could make you a little late for work but will not ruin your entire day.

Parts and Labor

As with most automotive services, the parts and labor are not free. Ordinary repairs, such as a jump start, or a change of tires are usually rolled in with the cost of your breakdown cover premiums. But if you have a repair that will take longer than thirty minutes to fix or if you need a new tire, some gasoline, coolant, oil, a hose or a pulley belt, you are likely to be required to pay for the extras.

If the Breakdown Cover Employee Can’t Do the Repair

If your vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, the Breakdown cover employee will call the insurance company’s towing truck or flatbed vehicle carrier and will make sure that your car or truck arrives at a suitable repair shop or that it is towed to your home. In many cases, he will even arrange alternative transportation for you so that you can arrive at your work and perhaps even continue with your routine for your day.

Vehicles Eligible

Breakdown cover policies will vary from company to company. Some will take all cars, including those that are more than 15 years old. Most, however, prefer vehicles that are newer than fifteen years. For some types of policies, especially those that include assistance with paying for parts and labor, require that your vehicle be less than fifteen years old and have no more than 10,000 miles on it. Some require that you apply for the insurance while your vehicle is still under warranty, and will not accept older vehicles that did not have breakdown cover prior to aging.

Location is Everything, and Purpose Counts, too

Some breakdown cover policies are geocentric. That is, they are only good in certain locations. Other policies are only good for certain sorts of purpose. It probably will come as no surprise that you need a special policy if you are using your car to make money, but you might be shocked to learn that commuting is not always covered.

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17 Aug -

Where to Get Instant Decision Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit

Most people need cash now, not just when they’re paid. Customers with an adverse credit history will have already discovered that an unsecured bank loan or overdraft facility are no longer a possibility. When a surprise life event takes place, instant decision unsecured loans for bad credit provide an emergency cash advance for any purpose. There are no credit checks at any stage of the application process for fast cash advance loans, but this does lead to higher borrowing costs. It may be possible to borrow up to $1,000 within 24-hours.

How Much Do Instant Decision Unsecured Loans Cost?

Given that lenders usually accept customers who have been rejected by the banks, it isn’t really surprising that the cost of borrowing is so high. A payday cash loan for $500 will typically accrue $125 of interest in a single calendar month. The majority of U.S. states have specific laws that regulate the maximum loan value and rate of interest. Avoid signing-up for a same day unsecured loan with any lender who isn’t honest enough to quantify the cost of borrowing money. Rates do vary between lenders so it is important to trawl the market for the best deal.

Qualifying for a Payday Cash Advance Loans

Payday loan lenders don’t rely on credit scoring, they use a different set of eligibility criteria based on affordability and proof of identity. Applicants for bad credit tenant loans must be American citizens, Over-18 and in full-time employment. The customer will also need to prove their identity and have their own checking account. This is because the lender requires a postdated check from the account where the money is going to be sent to. If these criteria are met, a guaranteed quick cash loan will be sent via bank transfer within the next 24-hours. If the application is made early enough in the day, the money may reach the account within a few hours.

Dangers of Instant Decision Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit

Although bad credit tenant loans are expensive, they are provided to customers who have been rejected by mainstream lenders. The problem is that the people who normally need cash now aren’t well-placed to repay the debt at the end of the term. Although the debt isn’t supported by collateral, failing to pay back a same day unsecured loan punctually will result in further interest and charges accruing. If struggling to pay the bills, seek advice from a credit counseling service as there are legal ways to reduce debt.

Alternatives to Bad Credit Tenant Loans

The most viable alternative to an instant decision unsecured loan is a secured cash advance from a pawn shop. Pawnbrokers lend money based on the provision of an item of value, such as gold, silver and jewellery. Failure to repay the debt punctually leads to the sale and loss of that item. Auto title loans work on a similar principle. Provided that a minimum of 75 percent of all car finance has been paid-off, it is possible to borrow money against the equity.

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7 May -

Online Pay Loan Service to Maintain Privacy in a Cash Crunch

Do you need a £1000 payday loan?

Many people find themselves running short on cash at certain times. The car decides to break down at the wrong time. You might have to pay an unexpected bill when you don’t have the spare cash. There are thousands of reasons for needing a payday loan. Today, it is relatively easy to get a loan quickly and without a long drawn out process. You can do it with an online lender that requires basic information in order to give you a payday loan. You can do it from the privacy of your own home and get the money the next day in most cases.

  • What do you need in order to qualify for a £1000 payday loan?

That worries some people. They think it’s difficult and drawn out to get such a loan. But, all you need is steady full time employment and a valid bank account. You go to the website for your lender and fill out a simple online application form. They will ask for basic identification information as well as the name of your current employer and your current pay level. Then you submit the application. The lender will quickly verify the information and let you know if they approve the loan. If they do, they will send the money to your bank account. In most cases, you will have access to the money the same day.

  • Should you be concerned about security with an online transaction?

You might wonder if your personal information is unsafe with one of these lenders. That is not the case. They use the latest encryption methods to ensure your information stays safe and secure. Their online service makes sure your transaction happens in privacy as well. This means your family and friends do not need to know a thing. And that is a good thing in many cases. Even if you need a £1000 payday loan, no one else needs to know about it.

  • You can use your £1000 payday loan for any purpose you have.

There are no restrictions on how you spend the money. However, you should use these loans responsibly. That means using them when you really need the money and when you have the ability to pay them back on time. They come with a higher rate of interest than many other loans do. And that interest accumulates quickly if you cannot pay them on time. They are great though when you have a critical cash crunch.

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7 May -

Why Student Loans Keep Me Up at Night

A Personal Perspective on the Next Financial Crisis

It’s been said that excessive unpaid student loan debt will lead to the next financial crisis, on the heels of the still faltering housing market and the mortgage crisis. When I examine my own struggles with educational loans over the last 15 years (and counting), it’s hard not to agree with these speculations.

I was the first person in my immediate family to go to college. Growing up, my parents instilled in me their dream that I would pursue higher education, find a rewarding career that would allow me to live independently, and ultimately have an easier life than they did. I was often told by my mother that a college education is something that no one would ever be able to take away from me.

I was very fortunate to have graduated from a public university with a bachelor’s degree and no real debt. Along with a small scholarship I had earned, my parents paid my tuition and a good deal of my room and board. I also worked part time during college waiting tables to contribute to my living expenses, car insurance, books and spending money.

During my graduate school years, I accumulated a master’s degree, an MBA, and over $90,000 of student loan debt. At the time, I was still too inexperienced with money to understand fully the impact that this would have on the rest of my life. When I finally got into the job market, I realized quickly that I needed to consolidate all the loans if I had any hope of making even the minimum monthly payments. Once I did that, I was locked into an interest rate of over 7% over the 30-year term of the loan. There were periods of time in my early career when I wasn’t able to make the payments, so I would arrange a deferment or forbearance to temporarily reduce or suspend payments. This only made things worse, since depending on the terms, the accumulating interest continues to add up and is added to the loan principle. After the end of my last forbearance, my total debt had climbed to just over $100,000.

Fortunately, the degrees I earned were in marketable fields, and I have enjoyed a stable career where my income has gradually increased. I haven’t missed a payment in ten years, but until very recently, the principle on the loan only decreased by a few dollars each month. The other kicker is that if you are fortunate enough to be enjoying a nice return on your student loan investment in the form of good income, you will likely not be able to deduct any of the interest from your federal income taxes. You are also unable to refinance the loan, as you can with a mortgage, in order to take advantage of lower interest rates. Once you consolidate, you are locked into that rate.

Recently, I was able to leverage the equity in our home to help provide some much-needed hope. I transferred almost half the outstanding debt to our equity line of credit. Lowering the interest on that portion by 4% and also allowing us to take advantage of some tax deductions means I can chip away at the principle much faster.

There is simply no magic bullet to eliminating this debt. I am currently paying a total of $2500 each month. Part of it goes to the equity line of credit, and the rest goes to the oppressive student loan lender. I have figured out that if nothing goes wrong, I will have it completely paid off in five more years.

When I see today’s young people fighting tooth and nail to get into prestigious liberal arts colleges that can cost upward of $50,000 per year to attend, I have to fight to not give them a lecture about the school of hard knocks. Unless you’re going to school for a degree that is likely to result in a high-paying job, it’s simply not worth it. Sometimes, I even see parents going into debt rather than tell their child to attend an affordable public university. I wonder if their kids will then turn around and fund their parents retirement.

As for me, I have mixed feelings. I earned the degrees because I wanted a nice career. Now, I am stuck working long hours, commuting long distances to an office everyday, and still not living high on the hog because a significant portion of my pay is going towards debt. However, I have been intellectually challenged, seen parts of the world I never thought possible, and had the chance to work with some world-class people. I am respected at my job and feel valued knowing that I have opportunities for growth in the future. I got married recently because I really wanted to be with my husband, not because I needed another income or health insurance. One day, hopefully in five years, I’ll be able to step back and find out what it is I’d really like to do with the rest of my life.

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7 May -

Make an Easy Credit Card Application and Get Approved Online

If you’ve failed to comply with the terms of past credit agreements during the last 7-years, your history of bad credit will be revealed by a simple credit check by the issuing bank. Adverse credit represents risk and that’s why your applications are being declined by so many of the leading issuers.

When you’ve been rejected for credit due to a poor credit history, you want to make an easy credit card application where approval is 100% guaranteed. There are several types of easy to get credit cards, it’s just a matter of selecting the “right” issuer for your underlying requirements.

Unsecured Easy to Get Credit Cards for a Bad Credit History

While there are several unsecured easy credit cards to get approved for on the market, you’ll need to accept that the terms of borrowing aren’t going to be as favorable as they used to be. They typically have a $250 credit limit and higher initial charges or interest rates.

First Premier Bank platinum credit card: This offers you a guaranteed $250 limit with the opportunity for an increase after just 6-months. However, an analysis of the fees and charges reveals that the card leaves you with just $71 of credit. This means that signing-up leaves you $179 in debt. It’ll help you fix your credit, but the issuer isn’t taking any chances here.

Make a Secured Easy Credit Card Application Online

It’s natural for people to want unsecured easy credit card approval, but the drawbacks are there to be seen. It makes far more sense to apply for a secured credit card. The provision of collateral or a cash deposit reduces the risk faced by the issuer so you get to enjoy a lower APR and higher credit limit.

Applied Bank Secured MasterCard: After paying a minimum of $200 onto your card, you’ll benefit from an interest rate of just 9.99% APR. There is a $50 annual fee and a $35 charge for late payment. Purchases made abroad will incur a 1% transaction fee.

Pre-paid Cards are the Easiest Credit Cards to Get Approved for

When you’ve experienced debt and money problems in the past, is borrowing extra money really such a good idea? Rather than borrowing money, sign-up to a pre-paid credit card and load your own funds onto the card in exchange for a small fee. That way you can never get into debt.

Kalixa Pre-paid MasterCard : After paying your £4.95 application fee, there are no additional monthly charges or transaction fees. You load money onto your card in return for a 1.95% fee. You can only choose pound sterling so its only suitable for the UK. Easy credit card application process.

What’s the Best Easy Credit Card to Get with Bad Credit

Avoid making an unsecured credit card application due to the high charges and a low initial limit. This renders the card expensive and impractical. Secured cards are a much better option because you get a higher credit limit which helps those who are seeking to fix credit scores.

If you’ve experienced money problems in the past and still don’t think that you’ve got your spending under control, it’s probably advisable to stay away from conventional cards. As well as being one of the easiest credit cards to get approved for, a pre-paid card will help you manage your finances more effectively.

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7 May -

Budgeting Loans from the Social Fund: Do I Have Other Options?

When a lack of money leaves your family in immediate financial peril, you can apply for budgeting loans from the social fund to help with your short-term money troubles. Job centre plus crisis loans for up to £1,500 are provided to working and non-working people on an interest-free basis.

The problem is that most social fund budgeting loan applications are rejected by the Department of Social Security. Others are unable to prove their income, expenses, or provide bank statements. The good news is that there are alternatives to DSS crisis loans.

Secured Alternatives to Budgeting Loans from the Social Fund

Pawnbrokers: If you’ve got collateral, such as gold, you can use this to borrow money against. Just take your item of value to a local pawn shop, they’ll assess it’s value, and you’ll be able to get a cash loan with no credit checks. Your money will be handed over the counter to you within just minutes.

Buy now pay later stores: If you needed to apply for a crisis loan because you urgently need household goods, such as a new cooker, weekly payment stores are an excellent alternative. Pay just 29.9% APR and spread the repayments over a period of up to three years.

Homeowner loans: When you have sufficient equity in your home and can establish affordability, you can get a secured loan and repay the money over an extended period of time. Always think carefully before borrowing money against your home as non-payment could result in repossession.

Unsecured Alternatives to a Social Fund Budgeting Loan from the DSS

Payday stores: Provided that you’ve got a job and your own bank account, you can get a payday cash advance for up to £1,000 for a calendar month. For security reasons, the funds will be sent by bank transfer, but they’ll reach your account within a maximum of 24 hours.

Doorstep companies: New customers can borrow £500 and spread the repayment over up to a year. Apply for a doorstep cash loan online, over the phone, or through your local agent. These are one of the best loans for unemployed people with bad credit or no credit history.

Credit unions: You can join on the basis of a shared interest, such as work, religion, or locality. Once you’re a member of a credit union, you’re eligible to borrow money with bad credit from a non-profit lender. They’ll even work with you to make sure that the repayments are affordable.

Pros & Cons of Cash Loans for Unemployed People & Low Income Families

When budgeting loans from the social fund have been refused, you’re still going to need to borrow the money from somewhere. If you’re out of work or have a bad credit history, you’ll have already discovered that you aren’t going to get any help from your local bank. You represent too high a risk.

Interest rates are usury because most customers have very bad credit and have been rejected elsewhere. The cost of borrowing reflects the likelihood of default. You should never get a quick cash advance for frivolous purposes or when you’re unlikely to be in a position to repay the debt. They are not a long-term solution to your money worries.

The consequences of default vary, depending upon the nature of the credit agreement. If you default on a secured debt, you stand to lose your collateral. If your cash advance is unsecured, you run the risk of further interest and charges accruing. The debt will also be passed to a collection agency so it can be recovered.

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