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Breakdown Cover for Your Daily Life

Breakdown Cover for Your Daily Life

Breakdown Cover for Your Daily Life

Commuting is an ordinary part of the day for many workers. While some people are fortunate enough to live in a location where there is excellent public transportation or near enough to their employment place to walk to work, that simply is not true for everyone.

The Mechanical Challenge

Automobile owners are aware that a good maintenance regimen will help keep their vehicles running. But even the best care will not always catch those small problems that can quickly become large problems if they are not noticed and fixed. A fraying belt, a battery that is becoming low on water, a pin-prick leak in a water hose – those can all bring your vehicle and your trip to work or even back home to a complete halt.

Someone to Call

If you know a good mechanic with a towing truck, you could keep him on speed-dial. On any normal day, however, he and his tow truck driver are probably very busy. Even if he hastened to you right away, It might be an hour before he reaches you, another hour back to the shop and then who knows how long until your vehicle is repaired. You have lost time, lost pay, and if it happens often enough, perhaps even a lost job.

The Better Way

A better solution is breakdown cover such as that provided by the RAC. This is an insurance that has a fleet of roadside assistance vehicles. Each driver is a trained mechanic who is assigned to an area. You call the home office; the home office contacts help in your area. A van full of spare parts and a guy who knows what to do with them are shortly at your location. Often, you can be on your way in under twenty minutes, which could make you a little late for work but will not ruin your entire day.

Parts and Labor

As with most automotive services, the parts and labor are not free. Ordinary repairs, such as a jump start, or a change of tires are usually rolled in with the cost of your breakdown cover premiums. But if you have a repair that will take longer than thirty minutes to fix or if you need a new tire, some gasoline, coolant, oil, a hose or a pulley belt, you are likely to be required to pay for the extras.

If the Breakdown Cover Employee Can’t Do the Repair

If your vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, the Breakdown cover employee will call the insurance company’s towing truck or flatbed vehicle carrier and will make sure that your car or truck arrives at a suitable repair shop or that it is towed to your home. In many cases, he will even arrange alternative transportation for you so that you can arrive at your work and perhaps even continue with your routine for your day.

Vehicles Eligible

Breakdown cover policies will vary from company to company. Some will take all cars, including those that are more than 15 years old. Most, however, prefer vehicles that are newer than fifteen years. For some types of policies, especially those that include assistance with paying for parts and labor, require that your vehicle be less than fifteen years old and have no more than 10,000 miles on it. Some require that you apply for the insurance while your vehicle is still under warranty, and will not accept older vehicles that did not have breakdown cover prior to aging.

Location is Everything, and Purpose Counts, too

Some breakdown cover policies are geocentric. That is, they are only good in certain locations. Other policies are only good for certain sorts of purpose. It probably will come as no surprise that you need a special policy if you are using your car to make money, but you might be shocked to learn that commuting is not always covered.


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